Burgundy En-Primeur 2017

Burgundy En-Primeur

This is an attractive vintage with outstanding and sometimes age-worthy whites. Reds are fruit forward, fresh, easy on the eye and will give pleasurable drinking through the 2020s.

– James Handford

The harsh frosts of April 2016 gave Burgundy a head start in 2017. With the disaster fresh in the minds of growers the milder frosts of 2017 were averted, largely by creating smoke blankets over the vineyards. The low yields of 2016 left plenty of pent up energy in the vines for a wonderful crop in 2017.

Whites are fabulous, some as good as in 2014. Reds are very much along the lines of 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2014. These are years that red Burgundy behaves as you would like it to: clear fruit driven Pinot Noir without idiosyncrasies that leaves you wondering why it costs more than the earth it is planted in, and whether it will be better this Easter or next, or indeed this week or next! Buy and drink for the joy of it.

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