Bordeaux En-Primeur 2023

James and Vicky have just returned from their pilgrimage to Bordeaux to taste over 300 wines from the vintage. All eyes are upon this year: prices are currently being released and, even though the vintage is of really quite good quality, market forces are leading to a significant price reduction from 2022.

“These are good wines, in a classic style, many good to drink in just a few years and to keep for the longer haul. That wide window is always a sign of quality wine.”

James Handford, Master of Wine

Bordeaux has made great strides forward in realising the potential of these great vineyards. It’s worth noting that some of the smaller clarets that we offer are ever more remarkable in their value for money. Cap Leon Veyrin, Haut Breton Larigaudiere and Tournefeuille La Cure are classic examples. As ever, if you want to own the wine, this is the time to secure stock.

James Handford MW and Vicky Thompson

Offer Extended – Now Ends June 19 2024

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