Bordeaux En-Primeur 2020

This is a very good vintage in the mould of 2000, 2008 and 2018. Perhaps the closest comparison is 2008, another year to favour Merlot.

– James Handford

Timing is the key. Conditions were perfect for flowering and fruit set of the earlier Merlot. Rains in mid June did not favour the Cabernets. Ideal weather for harvesting the Merlot was followed by a very dry week prior to picking Cabs. The result of that is concentration and ripeness but with reduced yields of Cabernets.

We will concentrate our efforts on our very favourite petit chateaux picks, the unsung heroes of Bordeaux. Critics are positive and scores are impressively high, with some of our picks coming ridiculously close to wines of four times the price. Claret is on a roll in quality terms.

As winemakers continue their quest for perfect harmony and expression, the balance tends to shift in favour of things elemental and that is fruit and balance. Conditions are right to restock your cellar with our petit chateaux favourites  and a handful of the Grands Vins that you know and love.

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