Burgundy En-Primeur 2020

Burgundy En-Primeur

It’s looking ever more as if the vintage we’ve not been able to taste in situ will be one of the great vintages of all time. Taking into account another short harvest, it’s a vintage to buy. 2020 offers glorious whites and distinctive, condensed red wines, but in restricted volumes.

– James Handford

The Handfords Burgundy En Primeur 2020 Offer is now open.

It’s a rare early bird vintage and perhaps too rare to blame completely on global warming, as 2021 harvests were almost a full month later. In the southerly, white appellations, many started on 22nd August. Picking was highly selective, vineyard by vineyard and plot by plot. When the growing season is foreshortened that precise pick time becomes more elusive. Get this right and you have some of the very best white wines that Burgundy has ever offered us.

We have had an unprecedented number of enquiries on Burgundy 2020. Many wines will need to be allocated, in some cases by the single bottle. For the most difficult wines we will finalise allocations on 14th January.

Orders will be confirmed and invoiced for payment by return and by bank transfer or debit cards. We do not accept credit cards for en Primeur and in bond offers, or for duty payments.

Please click here for our offer document.

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Please email enquiries for prices and ordering to james@handford.net or greg@handford.net

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