Burgundy En-Primeur 2019

Burgundy En-Primeur

It’s looking ever more as if the vintage we’ve not been able to taste in situ will be one of the great vintages of all time. One pundit says these red Burgundies are the best in 150 years. That may be over-egging what is, admittedly, a delicious pudding. Whatever your opinion on that, and taking into account another short harvest; it’s a vintage to buy.

– James Handford

The Handfords Burgundy En Primeur 2019 Offer is now open. The vintage is promising to be one of the most exciting in recent memory for both reds and whites. There is real power and concentration of fruit, but freshness, coolness and bright acidities have been retained. It was one of those rare years where leaving to hang for that little extra depth and complexity proved to be worth the risk. This made a great year into an exceptional one.

There are a few price changes but most just nudge a tiny fraction upward on exchange rate. History will show that we’ve all been lucky to live through this great wine generation and even luckier if we can fill our cellars with the bounty.

We have had an unprecedented number of enquiries on Burgundy 2019. Many wines will need to be allocated, in some cases by the single bottle. For the most difficult wines we will finalise allocations on 15th January.

PLEASE NOTE: Some lines have already sold out. The documents here will be updated daily. Please re-download before ordering to ensure you have the latest version.

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