Renovation Sale

We are finally getting around to refurbishing the cellar at Handford Wines and we are very, very excited! Unfortunately, this will mean that for a couple of months, starting on July 15, the shop will be operating a very restricted range, as we are having to put a lot of stock into storage and the rest crammed into a not-very-big-at-all space.

We will still be offering web orders, phone orders, email orders and delivery, and the shop will be minimally staffed for collections and small purchases, but we may not have our usual amazing range available. 

We have a little problem – there’s currently an awful lot of bottles of wine in our way. Thousands, in fact. So we need some help to clear a little space to give the builders room to drill, bash, plaster and paint. So, we are having a MASSIVE sale of stock in the shop.

** Please note that the free shipping option is not available during the Renovation Sale.

Mystery Packs

We don’t want to be packing away a bottle of this and a bottle of that – we’d rather you enjoy them. So we’ll be creating a range of Mystery Packs: some regional selections, some all-red, some all-white, some a completely random discovery mix. All you’ll know until you open it is that you will save a whopping 20% to 30% off the price.

Best of the Sale

All our web stock under £100 (excluding champagne and spirits) is a massive 20% off. You are getting great wines at a fantastic price. And to get you started, here’s a selection of some of our favourite wines on sale: