Bati Kereszt Kékfrankos 2019


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Bati Kereszt is a north-facing vineyard with forest on two sides, and the grapes ripen a good two to three weeks after those in other sites. The extended growing season gives a lighter, taut wine with more delicate floral aromas, ripe cherry and blackberry fruit, herb flavours and balanced rich tannins.

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Producer Information: Heimann

From the vineyard exclusively-owned by the Heimann family, which stretches in one piece on the hill’s ridge, at the highest point of the wine region, at 286 metres above sea level. Bordered by forest, the protected north-facing location is going through organic transition. Here the Kékfrankos usually ripens 2-3 weeks late, as the ripening takes longer, hence the fragile, violet character. The whole bunches were spontaneously fermented in a wooden vat, followed by ageing in used ászok barrels for eight months. It was bottled on the spot, without filtering or fining, in August 2020.

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