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A quarter of Beaucastel’s 100 hectares lie just beyond the Châteauneuf-du-pape appellation boundary. Given the proximity of the vineyards to Châteauneuf-du-pape, the wines from these vineyards are often considered as 'baby Beaucastel'. In addition to the red varieties, Bourboulenc Marsanne, Viognier and Clairette are also planted on the classic sand, clay and limestone soils. The vineyards are carpeted with galets roulés, the region’s archetypal pudding stones, which help the grapes to ripen by retaining the daytime heat and releasing it at night. In addition to prime vineyard holdings, the Perrin family are pioneers of sustainable farming, having converted to organic viticulture as early as 1950 and having farmed biodynamically since 1974.

The Coudoulet Blanc has an enticing character with layers of citrus zest and ginger on the nose. The palate is richly textured with opulent stone fruit flavours, perfectly balanced with crisp acidity which lifts the finish.

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Producer Information: Chateau de Beaucastel

Chateau Beaucastel was first planted by the Popes in the early 14th Century. The de Beaucastel family bought this land 200 years later. It was passed to the Perrins by marriage early in the 20th century.

The unique terroir was created by violent shifts, freezing and melting of lands that now form the Rhone valley. Large stones, or 'galets', litter the vineyards and serve to maintain high night temperatures later in the season. This affords a great depth and spice to the red but Beaucastel is also noted for its resolve to conserve and use in the blend the 13 varieties for which Chateauneuf is noted. Beaucastel is one of the pioneers of organic farming, a project that began way before its time in the 1950s.

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