Flambadou 2017 Mas Coutelou VdP Languedoc


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Flambadou is a natural, organic, vegan, barrel-aged red wine made from 100% Carignan Noir from vines lying on the Mediterranean coast and planted in predominantly clay soils. To ensure as high quality as possible, the vine yield is limited and the grapes are hand selected. Vinified with as little intervention as possible, fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts and it is bottled without filtering or added sulphites.

Firm, dark fruit flavours, beautiful tannins and fresh acidity. Very juicy with a peppery finish.

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Producer Information: Jean-Francois Coutelou

Located in the remote Languedoc village of Puimisson, outside of any appellation and surrounded by farmers that sell their anaemic crops to the local co-operative, Jean-Francois (‘Jeff’) Coutelou has long been a beacon of natural winemaking. Taking over the estate from his father, Mas Coutelou was officially certified organic in 1987, when only 200 hectares in the Hérault department were farmed this way.

The varieties Jeff grows are all southern French, and part of the estate has been turned into a nursery of forgotten indigenous grapes (rarities such as Castets, Servant, Picardin, and obscure clones of Muscat). Today, Jeff is renowned as being one of the most dedicated viticulturists in France, and young winemakers come from all over Europe to visit him and learn about his methods in both vineyard and winery.

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