Grahams 20 Year Old Tawny Port


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Our favourite of the tawnys is the 20 Year Old Tawny. It offers an amber color, a spicy, tobacco, cedary, smoky, complex nose, dense, rich flavours that belie the colour's aged, feeble look, and an expansive personality. It is a classic example of how delicious and complex a 20 year old tawny port can be. Tawny ports are aged in wood from essentially a solera system for the number of years indicated on the bottle. In most cases we prefer the younger ten or twenty year Tawnys to the ancient forty to fifty year old wines, but it is really a matter of taste. We tend to like more fruit rather than the oxidized and aged characteristics of the very old tawnys. But in this quality league, we will take what ever we are given!

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