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Castillo Ygay Blanco 1986 – Historic Release Established in 1852 this historic bodega was the first of the famous Rioja houses to be established and is still in existence today. One of the key pioneers of the region, the bodega still maintains its traditional approach. Wines are produced by time honoured methods and aged in wood for a minimum of two years, which is much longer than at any other bodega and the resultant wines are concentrated and long-lived with some, like Castillo Ygay, becoming legendary amongst wine-lovers. Very limited.
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Producer Information: Marques de Murrieta

Established in 1852 Murrieta was one of the first Rioja Houses and is the oldest family owned estate in Rioja.

Luciano Francisco Ramón de Murrieta one of the founding fathers of modern Rioja winemaking drawing on his experiences in France, felt that to make the best wines in the world the grapes needed to come from a single estate, which guaranteed complete control over the grapes. Luciano was a leader in using French techniques to develop greater complexity and longevity from Tempranillo

Today the Ygay Estate near Logroño in Rioja Alta covers 300 hectares. The vineyards are divided into several smaller plots, including the single vineyards of Capellanía, Canajas (from which the grapes for Dalmau hail, including a small plot of old vine Cabernet Sauvignon) and La Plana, the home of the esteemed Castillo Ygay

The philosophy is one of quality, with low yields in the vineyard and limited production in the winery

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