Mercurey Clos Rochette 2021 Monopole Domaine Faiveley


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The Faiveley family first produced wine from rented vines in Mercurey in 1933, finally beginning to acquire land there three decades later. Today, with over 72 hectares to their name, they number among the Côte Chalonnaise's most important landholders and one of its qualitative reference points. The Rochette was selected as the hidden Burgundy in the tasting line up. Many tasters noticed its outstanding use of new oak to impart toasted vanilla, lime sherbert and white smoke on to the wine whilst still retaining rich mango and ripe apricot on the palate. Quite delicious and beautiful to drink! Faiveley were even more careful than ever in selecting the very best fruit here. The fruits are astounding in their concentration and the sing as the new oak has been toned down. Quite delicious and beautiful to drink.

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Producer Information: Domaine Faiveley

François Faiveley represents the sixth generation to manage the family house of faiveley, which was founded in 1825 in Nuits St Georges and remains independent. The house enjoys one of the largest vineyard holdings in burgundy and so has the ultimate control over quality.

Only organic fertilisers are used and yields are contained by hard winter pruning and by “green pruning” (plucking whole bunches at fruit set). Grapes are hand sorted and destalked before pressing. Maturation is often in oak and as much as two thirds of new barrels may be used for the grand cru reds. Reds are fined with egg white and undergo minimal filtration.

Approaching two centuries of Faiveley expertise we see the fruits of that experience in their selection of domaine wines from vineyards owned and managed by the family. Perhaps more importantly the brilliant Jerome Flous has now overseen the entire process from vineyard to bottle for a decade now.

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