NAUDE White Blend Reserve 2008 Stellenbosch


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One of the masters of white blends, Ian Naude, has finally put his name to a work of art he is proud of!

The NAUDE white blend is a Chenin Blanc, Semillon, and Sauvignon Blanc based blend that oozes minerality and classy restraint. A perfect food white, this wine will masterfully accompany fish, white meats and shell fish.

Ian has made it his winemaking mission to champion the art of white South African blends. He came pretty close to perfection at his previous venture with his Donnatus white blend. But this time the style is altogether more serious, mature and old world in style. Hints of barrrel fermentation and creamy, wet pebble minerality dominate the yellow stone fruit finish. Acidities are delicate and fresh and the concentration understated but exotic. A niche wine that deserves a lot of consumer attention!

"White blends have been my passion for some time now! This has been a journey to find a perfect balance between Old World complexity and elegance

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