Pommard Clos des Epeneaux 2014 Dom Comte Armand


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At just over 5 hectares, this is one of the largest monopole vineyards in Burgundy. It is managed biodynamically and with utmost respect not only for the vineyard, but for the expression of its constituent parts. Benjamin now conducts a tasting of those four parts; the first is higher up with austere, stony soils and a solid bedrock. It gives a supple, mature style with great richesse. The wine from younger vines is less intense but with freshness and elegance. This then is one of the most lush and smoothie fruit reds of 2011. By contrast, it is also one of the most highly strung and energetic of Pinots, with a bit of spice thrown in. It’s a little more difficult than usual to see how the two will get on in the same bottle. Give it the chance though, for 2012 Pommard is almost extinct before it has evolved.

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Producer Information: Domaine de Comte Armand

After a seven year apprenticeship, the capable Paul Zinetti has taken over here and done an exceptional job under tricky conditions. Fully organic since 2005 and now certified as biodynamic, the lower parts of the vineyard are worked by horse and the reduced compaction is already resulting in a better soil structure.

Epeneaux is, of course, one of the great reds of the Cotes de Beaune.

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