Tormaresca Pietrabianca 2020 Puglia


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Pietrabianca is an elegant Chardonnay produced on the Bocca di Lupo estate in the Murgia area of Apulia. The distinctive characteristic of this area is its “pietra”, stone. “Pietrabianca” refers to the stones that rural farmers hit while ploughing the fields and once they were crushed and ground into the soil, helped enhance the aromas of the wines grown there. Rich, complex and at the same time fresh and pleasant, Pietrabianca shows that Apulia is a region of great white wines, too.

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Producer Information: Tormaresca

Tormaresca is made up of two estates in different areas of Puglia. in the central, inland region of Castel del Monte they have Aglianico, and in the Salento peninsula of the extreme south-east, Primitivo and Negroamaro. Cabernet and Chardonnay are grown in both zones, giving the winemaker a broad palette from which to blend the very consistent entry-level wines. Antinori only invested here in 1998, yet in that time Tormaresca has become a flagship of Puglian production.

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